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Reporting a Loss

Welcome to the CNA website for reporting a new loss. Click on one of the four links below to submit an online loss report for:

General Instructions

When submitting a report please complete the entire Web Loss Report Form and provide all required information. Required fields are marked in bold.

If the mandatory information is unknown at the time of your web submission, enter “unavailable” in any field requiring text.  Enter all 999s in any fields that require a number value.  The final report will depend on the accuracy and completeness of the information you are able to provide. 

No information will be transmitted until you click the "submit" button on the final screen.

Accident description field will have a 200-character limitation.  Additional information can be entered in the final remarks area of the submission.  Additional remarks will have a 200-character limitation. 


If your loss is severe, CNA recommends that you phone in your loss to ensure that it receives the immediate attention it needs. All Commercial Insureds should call our toll-free number at 877-262-2727.